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Installation of Acrylic & Metal Prints

Hanging your Acrylic Print with the French Cleat System

Step 1: Use a level to place the unattached French Cleat in the desired position. Using a pencil, mark two holes on the wall. Drill pilot holes in the center of each circle and insert wall anchors. We recommend a 3/16” drill bit.

Step 2: With the sharp point away from the wall and pointed upwards, mount the French Cleat to the wall using the two 1/8” screws.

Step 3: Hang the French Cleat attached to your product onto the bottom half mounted to the wall. Your Acrylic Print is now locked firmly in position.

Proper storage is critical in minimizing the possibility of warping or edge curling. Store your wall art flat until ready to hang. Standing or leaning on your wall art for long periods before hanging may cause wall art to cold form or take the shape of an uneven surface. Place the art on a flat surface until ready to hang.

Care of Acrylic & Metal Prints

Caring for your Acrylic Print

Your Acrylic Print should only need occasional gentle dusting with a non-abrasive cloth. To remove any dirt or streaks, use a small amount of mild soap with water and rub gently with a clean, soft cloth. Follow up with a clean, damp cloth and dry by blotting with a soft cloth. Never use any products that contain ammonia or alcohol, as they will damage the acrylic. Novus #1 Cleaner can be used for cleaning acrylic to a beautiful glossy shine.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use paper towels or other rough materials on acrylic. Never get the back of your Acrylic Print wet.

The Hygienic Properties of MetalPrints(TM)

MetalPrints Stand The Test Of Time… And Safety

MetalPrints – the most germ-resistant of them all! MetalPrint surfaces are crosslinked in nature, meaning there are no open or closed pores, so you can quickly and thoroughly clean them with various cleaners and disinfecting chemicals. As if we needed another reason to love MetalPrints!

Because MetalPrint surfaces are crosslinked, they provide protection equivalent to a closed cell surface, offering unmatched chemical and stain resistance. They are the ideal choice for spaces that demand the utmost hygienic cleanability and safety requirements possible ensure a safe environment for all who occupy the vicinity or make contact with the prints.

What Does “Crosslinked” Really Mean? The Chemical Process of Linking Polymer Chains

The chemical process that links polymer chains together is known as crosslinking. Thanks to our print lab partner, the aluminum material is coated and crosslinked even before our image is printed! What is the magic that happens at the print lab, then?

As the aluminum panels travel down their coating line, they reach a point in the proprietary process where a chemical reaction causes the polymers of the coating to join together (crosslinking!). As all the polymer strings are joined together end-to-end, they form one long and stable polymer string. MetalPrints are exceptionally durable, scratch resistant, chemical and stain resistant, color retention, fade resistant, and more.

Storage of Acrylic & Metal Prints

Storage for your Acrylic Print

Proper storage is critical in minimizing the possibility of warping or edge curling. Store your wall art flat until ready to hang. Standing or leaning on your wall art for long periods before hanging may cause wall art to cold form or take the shape of an uneven surface. Place the art on a flat surface until ready to hang.


Shipping Policies

Shipping carriers are forecasting longer than normal transit times. We recommend placing orders early to account for any delays on the part of the shipping carriers.

Temporary Fuel Surcharge

Due to increasing costs imposed by shipping carriers, a temporary fuel surcharge of $1.49 will be added to each order. This surcharge is in addition to the shipping prices listed below.

  • Please note orders over $500 may incur additional shipping charges. We will contact you regarding shipping and freight options.

Overnight Shipping

  • Choosing Overnight shipping does not change production times. Please choose one of our Rush options if you need an order completed in less than the normal turnaround time.

MetalPrints, Acrylic Prints, Canvas Prints, Wood Prints, & Framed Prints

  • Shipping fees for the MetalPrints, Acrylic Prints, Canvas, Wood Prints, and Framed Prints vary depending on the size of the print (see pricing below).
  • Due to shipping requirements and the potential for damage, some products must be crated at an additional cost. This includes all MetalPrints over 30″ on the short side or over 40″ in length, as well as all Canvas Prints 40″ and over on the short side or 60″ over in length.
  • 2-Day and Overnight shipping methods are unavailable for Acrylic Prints larger than 40×60″.
  • Please see the Cart/Checkout area for shipping pricing for the MetalPrints, Acrylic Prints, Wood Prints, and Framed Prints.

Large Size & Custom Size Products

  • Products over 40″ long that are shipped flat, such as MetalPrints, may require freight shipping, we can provide freight quotes for these orders. Please allow additional time for the quote and freight delivery times.
  • Custom Sizes may incur an increased shipping charge due to special handling.

PO Boxes

  • PO Box addresses will be shipped via US Postal Service. Larger orders will be charged the full cost of shipping per standard shipped USPS within the Contiguous United States.

Shipping Outside of the Contiguous US, Expedited Shipping, and Other Special Circumstances

  • If you are shipping to Alaska or Hawaii, and choose standard shipping, the charge will be $7.50 + 16% the total of your order. Expedited shipping will be charged at full cost.
  • If you reside outside of the United States, please contact us at hello@chadherndon.com regarding your shipping preferences.
  • APO shipping is charged full cost and sent via USPS.
  • We are not responsible for duties and taxes required for international shipping.
  • Shipping Quotes are available for large orders or orders shipping to international destinations. Please contact us at hello@chadherndon.com with the details of what will be in the order and the address it will be shipped to.
  • Orders shipped to Colorado are subject to a fee of $0.27 per delivery.
  • Shipping charges are per order.
  • Shipping times are listed as business days and do not include lab production times.
  • Notifications of Order Shipments are sent via email. Please update your information in with your correct email address or if the default shipping information changes.

Shipping transit times below are dependant on the carrier’s ability to deliver on time and are not guaranteed.

MetalPrints, Acrylic Prints,Wood Prints, Epic Prints, & Framed Prints

MetalPrints over 30″ on the short side, or over 40″ in length must be crated (see Wooden Shipping Crate prices below).

Ground – 20×30 to 30×40$18.34
Ground – 40×40 to 40×60$96.49
Ground – over 40×60at cost
2-Day – 11×14 & smaller$14.44
2-Day – 12×12 to 20×24$19.44
2-Day – 20×30 to 30×40$25.24
2-Day – 40×40 to 40×60$127.49
2-Day* – over 40×60at cost
Overnight* – Next Business Day$8.50 + 16% of order total
AK & HI$8.50 + 16% of order total
Canada$25.00 + 12% of the order total
International, APOat cost
Drop Ship Ground – 20×30 to 30×40$26.34
Drop Ship Ground – 40×40 to 40×60$102.49
Drop Ship Ground – over 40×60at cost
Drop Ship 2-Day – 20×30 to 30×40$31.24
Drop Ship 2-Day – 40×40 to 40×60$133.49
Drop Ship 2-Day* – over 40×60at cost
Drop Ship Overnight* – Next Business Day$14.50 + 16% of order total
Drop Ship AK & HI$14.50 + 16% of order total
Drop Ship Canada$31.00 + 12% of order total
Drop Ship International, APOat cost

*2-Day and Overnight shipping methods are not available for Acrylic Prints larger than 40×60″.

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