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Double Exposure 2.1.7


A male model posing on a transparent vinyl sheet in a pitch-dark studio is illuminated with geometric graphics from an LED projector. Photography printed with Matte ink on brushed aluminum Dibond floating inside a two-inch thick metal gallery frame.

This piece is the 7th release, the second installment of eleven limited editions from the 11.11 PROJECT, which aims to challenge traditional notions of beauty using technology to create eleven unique art projects by Chad Herndon.

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The 11 11 PROJECT aims to challenge traditional notions of beauty, using technology to create eleven unique works of art. Double Exposure, the second installment of the series, explores light as the medium—portraits transformed. I posed a male model in a pitch-dark studio, illuminated with geometric graphics projected from an LED projector. The model sits on a clear sheet of vinyl to give the illusion of water, creating a dynamic composition and surreal aesthetic, sinking the viewer into a world between the digital and the physical. After digital manipulation and color grading, the images were printed with matte ink on the aluminum Dibond surface, adding a striking impact—a bright metallic shimmer in the white areas creates a dazzling effect as you move across the room, showcasing the power of light as an artistic tool.

As part of my commitment to social responsibility, Double Exposure is dedicated to all those with some form of ADHD or on the spectrum. I hope to encourage them to think outside society’s norms and embrace their unique perspectives and abilities. Therefore, I am donating 11.11% of net sales to the foundation for scholarships. Each image is a limited edition of 111 pieces.

Printed directly on brushed aluminum Dibond, a sturdy composite material that consists of two aluminum panels and a black polyethylene core. This three-layer material is lightweight and just .11 in. (3 mm) thick. The print is cured with ultraviolet light, protecting it from light damage, dust particles, and moisture.

1 Printer Layer: 7-Color-Print
2 Aluminum Layer: Brushed surface
3 Core Layer: Black polyethylene core
4 Aluminum Layers: Silver backing
5 Aluminum Rails: Wall Mount


Release Date: 9/16/2023
Dimensions: 20” x 20”
Images in Series: 22
Limited Edition: 111 pieces total. Released in lots of 11.
Price: $611 ea.
Medium: Portraiture Photography on Aluminum Dibond

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 3 × 31 in

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